Junior Tomlin graphic designer, concept artist, and design consultant, began his artistic career in the computer games industry. his airbrushed style is part sci fi part fantasy.

Some of the most remembered and iconic images associated with dance, rave music, and the digital age. have been created by him, images that inspired a generation to create art.

His numerous commissions including covers for leading dance labels, editorial illustration. rave flyers and posters he was tagged the Salvador Dali of Rave.

In computer graphics for film junior's credits include Nightbreed, Lost in space and the fairy king of Ar. Other commissions have been for titan books, 2000AD, Marvel Comics, and John Brown publishing. His coloring work for the comic industry include Judge Dredd, Transformers, Mutant Ninja Ninja Turtles and Actionman, and the bafta award winning Audio Rom

Junior is currently working on pieces for a forthcoming exhibition of digital art